Python Publishing Accessories

PPA (Python [Object] Publishing Accessories) is a library of python modules useful to build web publication systems. API reference


ppa-0.2.7 source

Project's CVS repository can be checked out (see instruction) or browsed online.

Other packages

Lookup country by IP address. Download ip2cc-0.4
Download old bsddb-based ip2cc-0.2. Note: this version doesn't work with Python 2.3 due to bug in bsddb module (SF bug #788421, fixed in Python 2.3.4)
Engine for custom content management systems. Uses PPA templating system and PPA.HTTP adapters. Download qps-2.8 source

There are some experimental scripts/modules in CVS:
Adopting Python DB API 2 modules to have single style for parameters definition.
Defines class that will be useful for iterating sequences in templates.
Simple script to run cron jobs and alert if it fails
Real-time log parser
Installs web codecs 'url', 'url-path', 'form-field', 'html' and 'xml'. After importing this module you can execute some_untrusted_string.encode('html') etc. The idea is from Ian Bicking. Note: 'html' and 'xml' codecs don't work for unicode due to over-restricted implementation of codecs in Python.

Why not Zope?

PPA is not publishing system, it's just a set of accessories. You can use it as library when implementing your own publishing system, as it's used in QPS.

How to contribute

Patches, ideas, feature requests can be submited via SourceForge tracker or feel free to write to author.

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